Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day Four: Gotcha Day!!

Sorry it has taken so long to write this, but blogger has been down here for two days, every time I have a minute to try to get on here!  So here's the story...

We started off our morning with breakfast at the hotel.  We actually laughed that we felt like the weird ones because we weren't breakfasting with a Chinese child.  LOL!  We grabbed some starbucks, prepared the gift bags, made sure the room was set up well and before we knew it, it was 2:00 and time to go get Chengbin!

We walked into the civil affairs office and some of our friends had already received their children.  I LOVED seeing Isaac sitting there with his family surrounding him.  I took the pics I could as Matt got out the documents our guide needed so we could get OUR son. :)

Real quickly our guide took our video camera and Chengbin came out with two men from his orphanage.  He was confident and acting a little silly, but his guide gave him the photo album and reminded him what was going on, then pointed him to Baba and Mama.  He came over and showed us his album, then we got out toys to play with from his bag.  He really liked the motorcycle his daddy brought out.  Katelynn was feeling rejected as he focused on Baba, so I grabbed the bubbles.  We were good to go.  BIG smiles from Ben AND Katie as they blew bubbles to each other.  We took a family picture and then headed to the hotel.


This little guy is so sweet and so smart and so little!  He's about the size of a 3 year old.  He has a pretty good attention span too.  He spent his first day playing in the hotel room and doing a little swimming.  He just giggled and smiled and had so much fun in the pool.  Unfortunately he has no sense of danger and a strong independence, so swimming was a challenge.  In the kiddie pool there are gradual steps that he just throws himself around on, nearly missing his head many times.  In the regular pool he wants to swim by himself, even though he can't and tries to push me away.  We have some work to do there!

Before bed Daddy gave him little Chinese cookies and taught him to say please for him to get one.  It was so cute as he'd look up at him and say "Pulease?"

Then he chose to sleep with Baba!!  So he wiggle wormed all over, slapping baba many times and turning sideways on the bed.  Luckily, he didn't wet the bed.  Baba decided he would not be sleeping with his little sidekick again.

So that wraps up the first day.  MUCH more to go while in China!!

Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, Katie, & "Bing Bing"


  1. He is so precious, what a sweet smile he has!!! I'm so happy for you all to finally have this precious child in your family!!!

  2. So, so happy! He's darling!

  3. He's so beautiful! As a mama to a boy, I can say that! ;) Anyway, it is so wonderful to see him united with his family. My heart is full of joy!