Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 15 & Busy, busy week!!

So today is day 15 of our TA wait!  I REALLY didn't expect this one... I thought we'd have it before the end of the first week.  It's a medical expedite and my agency has been having pretty good luck on the China end!

The bigger issue that come Day 16 of the wait,  I can get TA and it does me no good until the 24th when the US Consulate reopens from their move to a new building.

For those new to adoption, here's how it goes.  You get travel approval from China and then you schedule a Consulate Appointment where your child will get all their visa stuff done in China so they can enter the US and become a citizen.  You schedule everything else in China based on the consulate apt, because without it, a child can't come to the US yet. 

Once we have our CA, we can know when Gotcha Day will be and book our flights and hotels.

Oh how I pray that when my agency opens in a couple more hours there will be good news!  I trust in God's timing though.  It is always better than mine.  So, if we have to wait, we will wait and get an extra 2 weeks of prayers in.

Wo ai ni Chengbin!!!

In other news, we are amazingly busy right now.  We spent a week down in Alabama & Florida and we will head out on Friday for a few weeks back home in Oklahoma with the family.  I can't wait to get caught up on my photography class, eat snocones with the kids, & visit all our family while we wait for our turn to go to China. :)

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Fannie, Matt, & Jie Jie

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  1. I'm praying that you get it by tomorrow!!!!