Thursday, September 18, 2014

And we're off!!

Well, we are on the first leg of our flights- flying to Houston before we take that long, long flight across the world to Tokyo!  We will have 5 1/2 hrs to explore Narita before our final flight to Hong Kong.

We are missing Katie & Chengbin like crazy already!  We left both of our teary eyed kiddos this morning and we ask for you all to pray for them today.  They are adjusting to their temporary normal & I know it will be hard on them the first couple days.  We are so thankful that Grandpa is with them and we know he'll take good care of them til we get back!!

Our schedule for this week of our China trip looks like this:

Friday- arrive in HK
Sat- touring HK
Sun- tour HK in AM, PM flight to Guangxi Province
Mon- 'Gotcha' day.  This is the day we will get custody of Laila.
Tues- Adoption Day.  We will fully complete her adoption this day.
Wed- paperwork & touring
Thurs- orphanage visit
Fri- pick up passport for Laila & fly to GZ

We will be staying in GZ for 12 days because of a National holiday that will close everything down for a week while we are in the middle of the process of obtaining a visa for our girl.

We are so excited to get our little one!!  The kids are anxiously awaiting a skype session w little sissy!! :)

And I will post a whole story about this later, because God deserves all the credit and I want to share the story of the great things he has done, but we are Fully Funded!!!  

Pray for our safe travel, for our kids & Grandpa, & for that sweet little one across the world!

We're coming Laila!!

Matt & Fannie 

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  1. Excited for you! Thanks for letting us follow along. :)