Friday, September 12, 2014

A story about two girls

God writes some incredible stories, and time after time I am reminded how involved he has been in writing Laila's redemption story.  

You see, before Matt & I even saw her face, she was in the orphanage sharing Nannies with another special little girl.

This little girl.  They spent day after day together.  They ate together, played together, & slept together.  When they celebrated Laila's 3rd birthday, little Anna was right there, celebrating with her.

But four months ago, Anna's Mommy & Daddy travelled across the oceans to China and brought her home as a beloved daughter.

Now we are only 6 days away from traveling to China to bring home Laila.

Soon these two sweet best friends will be reunited.  Because they will be living in the same town.  Going to the same church.  Spending afternoons at play, best little friends reunited!  And it makes this Mommy all teary...

How could two little girls in an orphanage in a small town in China end up in a different small town on the other side of the world reunited?  Because God writes some amazing stories!!!

How blessed are our two families to watch the amazing story God has for these girls!!

God writes amazing stories- and this one has only just begun!

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