Saturday, September 6, 2014

Both Hands: One for the Orphan, One for the Widow

James 1:27 says "True Religion that God the Father finds faultless is this: to help orphans and widows in their time of distress..."

Today, with the help of a great group of volunteers, we will be doing just that.

Photo: Tomorrow morning the Wilks family & Bay Servolution will complete a day of service at this house for a sweet lady who lost her husband 4 years ago. We will be painting, restoring, cleaning, and landscaping around her home.  Will you sponsor our day of service? This is also a fundraiser to help an orphan come home, our Laila!  Please share with friends! I'll post the Both Hands link below.

We will be serving a wonderful lady named Pam who lost her husband four years ago and lives out in the country with a really big yard to attend to.  Our team will be out in the Alabama heat & humidity, come rain or shine, to do a lot of projects around the home that have just been too much for her to keep up with all on her own.

We will be repairing some damage from squirrels around the perimeter of her roof, cleaning/repainting the exterior of her home, landscaping around her yard, refreshing/repainting her lawn furniture and generally trying to make her backyard a haven that she can enjoy as the hot Alabama summer begins to wind down & the nicer evenings come.

Here are some things you can do to support our Both Hands project! :)

1. Pray for the Widow. 
Pray for our new friend's healing.  Emotional & Physical. 
Pray that our work will be a blessing to her.

2. Sponsor us & ask your friends and family to sponsor us.  Make a donation to our adoption fund.
Our final in China expenses are over $14,000.  We received a grant for $4,000.  That means we still have $10,000 in expenses to pay for in the next week.

3. Pray for the Orphan.
Pray for her health.  She will likely already need a blood transfusion when we get her, but it will be 3 more weeks before we can get to America to get her one.  Pray that she doesn't get sick with anything that would further exacerbate her delicate medical situation.  And we ask that you pray for her little heart, as she loses all that's familiar and is placed in our arms.

And for those of you still trying to figure out what the heck this Both Hands thing is about... Here's a video.  JT Olsen explains it far better than I ever could!

Thank you all for your continued support!
Fannie & Matt Wilks

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