Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Helping the Orphanages!! WE can do it!!

Traveling to China provides a unique opportunity for us.  It gives us a chance to visit an orphanage and offer our assistance at some group foster homes ran by charities. 

It also allows us to take over supplies to help care for the children.

And that is EXACTLY what we plan to do, with the help of ALL OF YOU!!!

That's right, it's your chance to provide something that will directly impact the health & well being of the sweet ones who wait for families, and for the older children who are no longer eligible for adoption.

What do they need??? Well, EVERYTHING!!!

We need children's medicine, vitamins, bandaids, toothbrushes, toothpaste, diaper rash cream, and for those of you who might know what I'm talking about- cleft bottles!!

You donate it, we'll take it over and present it to the orphanages in need.

Tell your friends at work, your facebook friends, your neighbor!! If you have time to send a package our way via priority mail- great!!  If you don't, but want to help, you can click on my paypal link to donate.  I guarantee that if you donate it for orphanage supplies, that's EXACTLY where it will go!

SO, let's DO this!!!

How awesome if I could fill an entire suitcase with much needed supplies!!!

Thanks for being a part in this!
Fannie & Matt

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