Saturday, April 6, 2013

Disneyland Paris!!

It was pretty...

There were parts of the Disneyland Paris park that were just like disneyworld, but some things were distinctly different...

Most important difference to Kate- Europeans are waaaaay more into Lilo & Stitch than Americans so Disneyland Paris had tons of Lilo & Stitch friends that we've never seen in America.

Even the pigeons were prettier there!! LOL

Buzz light year ranger spin was a wonderfully unexpected upgrade from Magic Kingdom!  The laser shooters were hand held and even the line was cooler!  Buzz uses "sketch" to show the plan to the soon-to-be space rangers.  So cute!

As photography becomes a new focus of mine, my mini-me follows suit!!! ;)

 Space Mountain Mission 2 was neat, but the original is soooooo much better!!

Alice's Curious Labyrinth maze ended up as Kate's fave thing in the entire park. Lol

The two distinct differences between Disneyland Paris and Disney World in Florida were the bitter cold temps and the smoking. Seriously, people were smoking everywhere! Even in a park line filled with small children!

It was an experience I am glad we had, but as spoiled and ungrateful as it may sound... It was an experience we were happy to move on from! Lol! Disney World is just a thousand times better! Turns our that the weather plays a major role in our Disney Parks enjoyment! Haha!!

We had a two day ticket, though, so we moved on to Disney Studios the next day...

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