Friday, April 26, 2013


Forgive me for my lateness in this post!!  I am on night watch this month and just got back from 5 days of house hunting down in Alabama, but on April 15th our dossier began the journey to China!

That's right, we are FINALLY DTC!!!  So what happens now?  Good question!!  This is a long process, so I've borrowed a flowchart from a fellow waiting family to help illustrate!! :)  We have now completed step 7 and moved on to 8!!!

We requested a medical expedite which could reduce our wait for the CCCWA to approve our application and dossier, culminating in a document known as Letter Seeking Confirmation (commonly referred to as LOA- letter of approval) to be sent to our agency..  The dossier process in China is one of the biggest unknowns with regard to timeframes.  The dossier approval timelines vary wildly!!  The basic timeline is 30-120 days.  Last year many families waited even longer than 120 days.  In recent months I've seen people receive their LOA in 24 days without a medical expedite!!  That's actually pretty unheard of in Chinese adoptions until recently!!  Still others are at 85+ days and counting..

SO how long it will take from now?  We simply don't know!  What we do know is that our little boy is waiting and we pray that LOA is sooner rather than later!!  Along with submitting our dossier, we requested an update from Ben's orphanage with nine questions for them to answer for us so that we can learn a little more about our boy! :)

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Fannie, Matt, & Katelynn

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