Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Paris Pics!

Well, as I'm starting to realize that I'm weeks past putting our vacation photos up... Here's the pictures from our beloved Paris!!

 Like mother, Like Daughter!!!  She became obsessed with capturing pics on her camera!  She even figured out the "manual" mode of it!  SO cute!


The light show at the Eiffel Tower began right as the rain did!!!  Note the raindrops in my lens... I'd clean it and immediately get a new drop in it!! :(

This trip was so much different than our last trip to Paris!!  We were cold last time, but this time it kept raining... We got fined 30 Euro in the metro for having the wrong ticket... And Katelynn's poor nose was so scabbed and bleeding from walking around for days in the cold...

At the end of our Paris trip we took a look at the weather forecast for our next 4 days in Rome.  Rain- 90% chance, EVERY day...

We decided to change up our vacation plans... We hopped a speed train back to Ramstein with plans to fly back to the states and drive down to Florida for week 2!

Thanks for stopping by,
Fannie, Matt, & Katie

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