Friday, April 26, 2013

Favorite photo Friday: Alabama!!!

We recently went home shopping in Alabama.  As I've posted before, we have Coast Guard orders to be stationed down there late this summer.  Turns out the first place we went to from the airport is where we were meant to be...

We went straight to a home builder's development to look at new homes before visiting "used" homes with our realtor  the next day.  The ones he showed us weren't quite right.  For one thing, they were waaaay too close to a pasture full of cows and I could already smell what our neighborhood would be like during the summer!!!  After looking at  everything he got a text.  A house that was about to be built had to be cancelled by the potential buyer.  So we asked to see it.  It was perfect!!!

A pond to our left, a pond across the street, and a peanut farm behind us!  Only one neighbor and walking distance to go fishing???? Let's just say my hubby was sold right then and there!! :)

 We left pretty convinced but still open to the idea of a different home.  We looked at many other homes, but more and more we felt convinced that this was the house for us.  Then a friend got LOA for her son and we started looking at potential timeframes for Ben to get here.  It all just seemed to match up!  This house should be built and ready to close right around the time we are home from China with Ben.  If we had moved earlier by purchasing a "used" home, we would have needed a new homestudy, delaying Ben's arrival by months!!!

Sooooooo, We are under contract and they are building our house!!!!

Ben is gonna LOVE Alabama!!!! :)  We already do!!!!

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Fannie, Matt, & Katie

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  1. Aw sweet home Alabama! The area looks simply beautiful.