Saturday, April 6, 2013

Let the vacation begin!!

A little over two weeks ago, we hopped a space 'a' flight to Ramstein, Germany for Spring Break!! 

It was a LONG overnight flight filled with screaming babies all around.  It honestly made me shudder at the idea of a flight that is more than twice that long- our flight to China!!!  LOL

From Germany we train hopped until finally getting on our speed train to Paris.

Katelynn was sooooo tired by the time we made it onto the speed train!!  We all were...

The sights along the way were beautiful!  We even saw what we now refer to as trufella trees!! :)

Finally, after a 3 hr drive to Baltimore, 8 hr red eye flight to Germany, 3 hr train hop to Paris, and 1 1/2 hr metro train hop to get to our hotel- we made it!!! 

First stop: Disneyland Paris!!

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