Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: His Birthday

Monday was Ben's fifth birthday!

We thought of him all day and wondered what he was doing.  Was he treated like the special birthday boy on his special day?  Had he ever celebrated his birthday before?  Was he feeling well on his birthday?  Will he receive our photo album soon and learn about his family? 

I'm not gonna lie.  This momma shed a few tears throughout the day missing him on this very big birthday!!  Once we arrived home in NYC, we officially celebrated by baking cupcakes and singing a second Happy Birthday song to him. :)

On Monday we were on the road driving home from Florida...

Of course with the time change, he was actually celebrating his birthday during our last evening at Disneyworld.  We spent the day at Epcot and Katelynn bought a very special panda mood ring in a Chinese store in the World Showcase.  She was so proud of it and kept telling me it said she was "excited" because of her brother...  That evening she dropped her ring by accident and we were lucky enough to find it hours later.  Of course it had been stepped on and crushed.  She was so sad and crying, so we went in to a store and asked the manager if there was any way to pay for a replacement ring and either pick it up at guest relations the next day OR have it sent to our hotel.  The manager explained that the world showcase stores run separate of the disney merchandise stores, so since the shop was closed for the night there was nothing that could be done.  Kate was very, very sad to hear this and explained how it was to remind her of her brother in China.  The woman took her by the hand and led her to the stuffed friends.  She told her to pick out a minnie mouse that she would like, so Kate picked one.  She took off the tag and gave it to her.  Then she took a mickey mouse and pulled the tag off him.  She told Kate, "this is for your brother in China, okay?  Make sure he gets it!"  Kate smiled so big and promised to take care of Mickey for her brother. 

After walking out of the store we realized that it was Ben's birthday in China and he is already awake for his birthday.  That means he was given a Mickey Mouse for his birthday by Disney World!  Kate thought that was super cool!!

So, Happy Birthday to our boy!!  We miss you more than you could possibly know!  We love you so much and can't wait to celebrate your next birthday with you.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please say a prayer for our birthday boy!!
Fannie & Family

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  1. Those cupcakes looks so yummy! Nice shots all! :)

  2. Happy bday Ben! The Mickey Mouse story is so sweet.
    Kate is going to be a great big sister!! The pix are so good. Happy Sunday

  3. What an awesome birthday gift! It my eyes well and heart skip a beat. I don't think any of you will ever forget it!

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